Located on the west coast of Turkey -90 km south of Izmir, Kusadasi which means "Birds Island" takes its name from the small islet of Pigeon Island in the bay.

Kusadasi began to be ruled by the Ottoman Empire after the invasion of Sultan Mehmet Celebi in the year of 1413. During the reign of Ottomans, Kusadasi was introduced to glorious structures, giving a new look to its former spectacular view. Okuz Mehmet Pasa Caravanserai which is the principal of Ottoman architecture in the city,was built by the man of the same name. After the First World War, Kusadasi was invaded by the Greeks (1919). The city won a long struggle for in 1922 and became a part of Turkish Republic.

As for Heredot’s statement "Embracing the most beautiful sky and mildest climate of the world", the Aegean is home to dramatic gulfs and peninsulas, coves and golden beaches that line up one after the other… Kusadasi not only takes you back to the history of past civilizations, but also offers you an outstanding natural beauty. The picturesque town’s proximity to the ancient sites of Ephesus and The House of Virgin Mar, Didyma, Miletus, Priene, Aphrodisias and Pamukkale make it the ideal location from which to travel around sightseeing.

With the juxtaposition of eastern mysticism and western modernism, Kusadasi is a perfect place that attracts you both for fun and the experience of the culture. All this helps to make your spending spree a memorable experience.